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"When one swims in the pool they are swimming in a work of art. With the detail and rock formations, every time I enter the pool it is a new adventure. It seems to have it's own energy field that draws you to it and makes you want jump in. Swimming in a conventional pool will never be the same."
- Dr. Dennis Raush

"My wife and I built a house on some acreage on the Pedernales River west of Austin. We gave Robert free rein to take an otherwise difficult site and design and build one of his falling water pools. Not only did he produce a work of art, he created it to look as though we built our house on an actual natural waterfall pool. The visual and sound effect beyond anything we imagined.

We've vacationed in the Sierras, Las Vegas and Hawaii however the splendor of living on our own waterfall pool is an atmosphere we never experienced in any five star resort.

Before, the isolation and solitude of the property made my wife miss California, however, this pool brought in the beauty and sound of the Hill Country literally to our door. My wife (not to mention our friends ), now hate to leave our ‘Pedernales oasis'.

I have had pools built before but Robert's vision and unique approach clearly puts him in a class of his own. He is truly an artist."
- Bill Hillestsad

"Before we contacted Robert we had a number of people try and do something with a problem slope and each one only seemed to make the situation worse. He has an apparent genius for seeing things in a natural setting as well as an artist's passion for carrying it out. Our home was featured on the AIA Tour and his creek and waterfall was a main attraction. We had to politely ask the crowds gathered mesmerized by his work to move along so as to make room for the next group..."
- Steve Van Erp


Some Former Clients:

Jeffrey Dochen @ Shelton Prop. - Rob Row West / The Gardens of West Lake

Mark Price Res. - Creek / Waterfall pool / Spa

Bill Aleshire Res. - Waterfall pool / Spa

Evan Taniguchi Architect / Van Erp Res. - Creek / Waterfall

William Allensworth Res.- Creek / Waterscape

Dr. Dennis & Susan Rausch Res. - Waterfall pool / Spa

Steven Beard - Creeks / Waterfall Pool

Falconhead Golf Course on RR. 620 - Entryway

Former Dell CEO Mort Topfer Res. - Waterscape / Limestone Flatwork

Symantec Founder Dr. Gary Hendrix Res. - Waterfall pool / Spa / Pavilion

City of West Lake Hills - Entryway and winner of Government Beautification /
Citation for Outstanding Achievement Award